LMS tool guides for teachers

Moodle, Blackboard learn, Canvas, Desire2Learn - tool guides for teachers

Teachers often ask "Which tool for what job?" when it comes to designing online and blended courses.

The following tool guides map pedagogical aims (teaching goals) to suitable tools available in each learning management system (LMS or VLE, CMS). Most also provide notes on ease of use and the applicable Blooms level(s) that may be possible with each tool.

LMS Tool guide for teachers: links and files Sources
Moodle Interactive 'Moodle tool guide' (website).

Moodle 2 tool guide for teachers (pdf)
[local copy] [source]
Blackboard (Learn 9.1) Bb91 tool guide for teachers (pdf) [local copy] [source]
Canvas Canvas tool guide for teachers (pdf) [local copy] [Alt Auckland version, source]
Desire2Learn D2L tool guide for teachers (pdf) [local copy] [source]

About the guides

The orginal Moodle tools guide was designed by Joyce Seitzinger (@catspyjamasnz | www.cats-pyjamas.net / www.eit.ac.nz) in 2010. Subsequently Gavin Henrick (@ghenrick | www.somerandomthoughts.com) did an update for Moodle v2 and provided an extended template as a PPT file [local copy of the pptx template] that others have subsequently used for their own LMS tool guides. There are now numerous translated versions as listed on Jyoce's site and also on Gavin's blog. Note; Joyce's original site is now only available via waybackmachine internet archive. The above linked tool guides are all Creative Commons BY NC SA.

This resource complied by Mathew Hillier, 11 Oct 2020.