27 August 2013: eAssessment Scotland Session - Using narratives to assess free exploration in 3D spaces

Presenters: Torsten Reiners (Curtin University, Australia), Lincoln Wood (Curtin University), Sue Gregory (University of New England, Australia), Hanna Teräs (University of Wollongong, Australia)

Hosted by Professor Geoffrey Crisp, Dean Learning and Teaching, RMIT University and Dr Mathew Hillier, Teaching and Educational Development Institute, University of Queensland, Australia starting 07:00AM UST/GMT. Duration 57 minutes.

Throughout educational settings there are a range of open-focused learning activities along with those that are much more closed and well-organised. The plethora of opportunities creates a confusing melee of opportunities for lecturers as they attempt to create activities that will engage and motivate learners. In this session, we demonstrate a learner-centric narrative virtual learning space, where the unrestricted exploration is combined with mechanisms to monitor the student and provide indirect guidance through elements in the learning space. The instructional designer defines the scope of the story in which the teacher and learner create narratives (a sequence of actions and milestones to complete a given task), which can be compared, assessed, and awarded with badges and scores. The model is described using an example from Logistics; where incoming orders have to be fulfilled by finding the good and delivering it to a given location in a warehouse. Preliminary studies showed that the model is able to engage the learner, create an intrinsic motivation and therewith curiosity to drive the self-paced learning.

Acknowledgement: Australian Government, Office for Learning and Teaching, Innovation and Development Grant "Development of an authentic training environment to support skill acquisition in logistics & supply chain management".

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