8 September 2014: BYOD on-campus eExams at University of Tasmania (UTAS)

This session was part of the joint eAssessment Scotland and Transforming Assessment online conference, 8 to 19 September 2014.

Presenter: Andrew Fluck, University of Tasmania, Australia

Hosted by Dr Mathew Hillier, University of Queensland, Australia starting 07:00AM UST/GMT. Duration 56 Minutes.

This session explored the use of eExams that have been in use at the University of Tasmania since 2007 using a live operating system based upon Ubuntu. Since 2011 students have booted their own computers from a USB in the conventional examination hall to take paper-replacement and post-paper exams. With up to 50% of final unit marks dependent upon this technology, this session shared some of the successes of, and challenges to, the innovation.

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Session recording

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