e-Exam Symposium 2018: The Pedagogy of e-Exams - examples and transition (session 2)

e-Exam Symposium 24 Nov 2018: Session 2

Presenters: Dr Mathew Hillier (Monash University), A/Prof Matt Bower (Macquarie University) and Dr Andrew Fluck (University of Tasmania).

This session discusses some of the pedagogic theory behind the push for authentic e-exams and how a transition to authentic online e-Exams can occur. Examples of authentic e-exam tasks developed as part of an Australian national project were also presented.  These were enabled by providing a full operating system, a LMS and a range of software applications to students in the exam room.

Hosted by Professor Geoff Crisp, University of New South Wales and Dr Mathew Hillier, Monash University. Duration 30 minutes.

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