e-Exam Symposium 2018: Hands on! Technology for moving from paper to authentic e-assessment (session 8)

e-Exam Symposium 24 Nov 2018: Session 8

Presenter: Dr Mathew Hillier (Monash University).

This session entailed hands-on time with the Australian 'Robust e-Exam' system developed as part of a nationally funded grant project. A visual walk-through demonstration was shown where BYO laptops can be used for a 'robust' e-exam procedure done via Moodle LMS that is resistant to network outages. This was contextualised within a transition strategy towards highly authentic and connected e-exams. Quantitative student feedback collected via pre and post surveys within 'robust' Moodle trials conducted for the Australian national e-exams project were also briefly presented.

Hosted by Professor Geoff Crisp, University of New South Wales and Dr Mathew Hillier, Monash University. Duration 30 minutes.

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