13 July 2011: Electronically-mediated Peer Assessment: A Case Study on Oral Assessment

Presenter: Gloria Visintini (University of Bristol, UK)

This session looks the use of Peer Assessment to assess speaking skills in Italian as a second language learning with the aid of a range of technological tools. A case study was developed through collaboration between the School of Modern Languages and the Education Support Unit at the University of Bristol. It aims to encourage student assessment of other students' oral work and is part of a wider strategy that supports independent learning and more active student engagement with feedback.

The rationale behind the case study will be presented along with details of how the study was carried out in practice and supported by a variety of technological tools. In particular, we will describe how: the language lab Sanako allowed us to create, record and store the oral materials; the sound editor and recording software Audacity was used to edit the students' audio materials; the 'self and peer assessment' function of Blackboard provided the platform to set up the submissions, evaluations and provision of feedback. The strengths and the limitations of the case study will also be discussed.

Hosted by Professor Geoffrey Crisp, RMIT University, Australia starting at 16.30 (Time zone = GMT+9.30)

Contact link for Gloria Visintini:
Gloria's University of Bristol contact page

The archive is 56 minutes duration (including post session discussion).

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A screen cast of the session.

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