15 December 2010: Online peer review

Presenter: Dr Denise Wood (University of South Australia, Australia)

This session describes the use of an online peer review system as a scaffold designed to provide support self/ peer reflection and assessment. The system was initially developed as a peer review tool for online learning and teaching through the support of an Australian Learning and Teaching Council grant. The system has been further developed as a scaffold for students undertaking courses in which they are required to make evaluative judgements about their work and the work of their peers. The session explores the benefits and challenges of self and peer assessment, the strategies found to be effective and the role of the online peer review system in supporting these strategies. The findings from the use of the system in first-year and third year undergraduate bachelor of media arts courses were discussed and the potential of the instrument as a scaffold for learners as well as its role in supporting teachers in the design of feedback and assessment was also explored.

Hosted by Professor Geoffrey Crisp, University of Adelaide, Australia. 15 December 2010, 16.30 (Time zone = GMT+1030)

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1 hour, 27 min duration (including post session discussion).

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