19 November 2020: Re-imagining assessment to "robot-proof" our students

Presenter: Prof Margaret Bearman (Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning, Deakin University, Australia)

This session was part of a double bill jointly presented by Transforming Assessment and CRADLE Deakin University on 18 November and 19 November 2020.

Acknowledgement: This session celebrated the launch of the book "Re-imagining University Assessment in a Digital World" edited by Margaret and colleagues (published by Springer).

A rapid shift to online assessment has highlighted questions around how we assess university students but has overlooked the interrelated but outstanding issue of what is being assessed. A transformed assessment landscape should fit the needs of the twenty first century. This session looked at some broad principles underpinning assessment for a digital world. It then focused on how assessment might equip students to deal with the fourth industrial revolution where artificial intelligence will be part of their work and social lives.

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