1 June 2011: Remix, Mash-Up, Share: Designing Web 2.0 Assessment Scenarios and Criteria in Games and Interactive Media

Presenter: Ingrid Richardson (Murdoch University, Australia)

This session explores issues and examples of using web 2.0 participatory media and re-mixing of content for student assessments.

To date, many teaching and learning projects have researched and successfully deployed the social networking potential of Web 2.0 (i.e. the integration of blogs, wikis and social networking systems into pedagogical practice). Yet beyond the social applications of Web 2.0, Australian university students in new media production and design courses must also develop a sufficient critical and practical literacy of Web 2.0. That is, we need to enable these students to create both technically and conceptually sophisticated content, with a practical knowledge of participatory and 'shared' media, 'small' media, viral and derivative media, mash-ups and remixing, appropriation and aggregation, and – last but not least – copyright.

Although such work is becoming increasingly predominant in professional new media practice, it is often not successfully integrated into undergraduate assessment components and criteria. This is because it presents a fundamental paradigm shift away from the conventional notion of student-authored, original, 'discrete' and summative assessments, and goes against the grain of current assessment and plagiarism policies in universities both Australia-wide and overseas.

In this ALTC project we focused on this under-researched aspect of Web 2.0 content production in university teaching, and particularly its implications for developing authentic assessment practices and criteria in the disciplines of interactive media, games and digital design. This webinar will share findings from the project.

Hosted by Professor Geoffrey Crisp, RMIT University, Australia starting at 17.30 (Time zone = GMT+9.30)

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The archive is 1 hour duration (including post session discussion).

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