4 April 2018: Shades of meaning: nuance in written and audio feedback

Elena (Ellie) Woodacre and Sandy Stockwell (University of Winchester, UK)

Since September 2014, an interdisciplinary group of academics from the Universities of Winchester and Portsmouth have been exploring student and tutor perceptions of nuance within written and audio feedback. Our research aims to inform best practice in relation to the use of both written and oral language in order to enhance student engagement with and understanding of feedback. This webinar provided an overview of our research, discussing our critical analysis and linguistic comparison of tutor comments made in both written and audio feedback. Findings from our more recent phase of research revealed some intriguing differences between student and tutor perceptions of feedback comments, particularly tutor intention as opposed to student interpretation. Responses from student interviews and make some 'takeaway' suggestions from this evidence on how we might enhance best practice on giving feedback to students were also provided.

Further information

Related resources shared during the session:

  • Jing tool used for audio recordings.
  • TESTA project (Transforming the Experience of Students through Assessment) https://www.testa.ac.uk/
  • Australian study on video feedback (transforming Assessment webinar) http://transformingassessment.com/events_4_august_2016.php
  • Cavaleri, M., Di Biase, B., & Kawaguchi, S. (2014). Academic literacy development : does video commentary feedback lead to greater engagement and response than conventional written feedback? International Journal of Literacies, 20(3), 19-38. [ResearchGate]

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