4 June 2014: Assessment Decision-Making: how does technology influence (e-)assessment design?

Presenters: Phillip Dawson, Monash University and Sue Bennett, University of Wollongong.

Hosted by Dr Mathew Hillier, Teaching and Educational Development Institute, University of Queensland, Australia starting 07:00AM UST/GMT. Duration 1 Hour.

When designing the assessment for a course or unit, teachers make a variety of decisions. The OLT-funded 'Assessment Decisions' project team have interviewed 30 university teachers about how they make decisions about assessment. Many teachers spoke with us about technology's influence. At a micro level, features of particular technology tools sometimes influenced task design: awarding bonus marks because a column exists on the LMS, or tracking group participation because a wiki allows it. At a macro level, influences like university LMS rollouts sometimes acted as impetuses for change. This presentation uses a case example to highlight how technology and other factors influence assessment design. A summary is provided of how the research conducted is moving towards an 'assessment decision-making framework' that aims to assist teachers in improving their assessment.

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