5 April 2017: Virtual Field Trips to Enhance Employability Skills in Hospitality

Presenters: A/Prof Anoop Patiar (Griffith University, Australia), Pierre Benckendorff (University of Queensland) and Kayleen Wood (Griffith University)

Hosted by Dr Mathew Hillier, Monash University, Australia. Starting 07:00AM UTC/GMT. Duration 1 hour.

This webinar explored how virtual field trips can be used to enhance the employability skills of students in the hospitality sector. The session looked at tyne outcomes from the OLT funded project "Enhancing Student Employability Skills Through Virtual Field Trips in the Hospitality Industry".

Virtual field trips (VFTs) to hotels are already enhancing the student experience at Griffith University following the roll-out of a pilot project. The project offers alternative and flexible ways for students to connect course content from the classroom with authentic activities and assessment via structured experiences in participating hotels and restaurants located in Australia, Hong Kong, China and the UK. Students are able to examine aspects of food and beverage management using their personal digital devices. VFTs capture design and layout aspects through 360-degree panoramas of hotel lobby, bars and restaurants, and food production areas, and expose students to the actual operations.

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