5 April 2023: Designs for our times: adapting assessment in an AI context

Educator panel session, held jointly with ASCILITE TELedvisors SIG, Learning Design SIG and Transforming Assessment.

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Higher education teachers across the disciplines are considering the opportunities and threats of generative AI and experimenting with tweaking and transforming their assessments on-the-fly. Hear from educators taking different approaches to this new context and then join with us to build a map of strategies for re-framing assessment in the context of generative artificial intelligence.

Panel speakers included:

1) Thomas Cochrane, Associate Professor of Technology Enhanced Learning in Higher Education, University of Melbourne (Australia), Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education.

2) Ruth Dimes, Professional Teaching Fellow and Director Business Masters, University of Auckland (New Zealand), Business School.

3) Mitra Jayazeri, Lecturer, La Trobe University (Australia), Mathematics and Statistics.

4) Richard Hall, La Trobe University (Australia), Senior Lecturer, Computer Science.

Further resources:

Session Recording