5 November 2014: Designing effective assessment for participative learning online

Presenter: Brant Knutzen, University of Hong Kong

Hosted by Dr Mathew Hillier, University of Queensland, Australia starting 07:00AM UST/GMT. Duration 1 Hour, 10 Minutes.

Have you ever designed a great forum discussion activity, but your students didn't engage and your hopes for group collaboration and knowledge construction were dashed?

This seminar explored the foundation for effective collaboration and communicative learning with the aim of achieving 100% participation in online discussions. Two online tools designed to dramatically increase participation were reviewed. The Participation Forum is a customised module which sets up "semi-private" group discussion areas and then automatically awards points for participation. The Participation Map is a learning analytic tool which generates a visual display of student interactivity in the forum discussion as well as providing group and forum-level statistics that quantify activity.

The seminar reviewed the pedagogy and instructional design of the tools. The impact on patterns of participation following the use of these teaching tools was also demonstrated. Both tools have been tested on all Moodle 2 versions and are currently in production use at the University of Hong Kong on Moodle ver 2.7

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