6 April 2011: Self-test exercises as learning tools using Certainty-Based Marking

Presenter: Emeritus Professor Tony Gardner-Medwin (University College London)

This session discusses self-test exercises as learning tools and particular the use of Certainty-Based Marking (CBM) within LAPT (www.ucl.ac.uk/lapt) and Moodle to enhance reflective learning and highlight misconceptions. Also covered is the use of cooperative wiki editing of selected exercises by students to address comments on questions and improve explanations within LAPT and the issues around the drafting of exercises by students. The use of CBM for both formative and summative assessments is discussed at length.

Hosted by Professor Geoffrey Crisp, University of Adelaide, Australia. 6 April 2011, 17.30 (Time zone = GMT+9.30)

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Please note that the sound between 00:12 and 02:05 is very quiet so you might want to skip over that part (it pertains to the 'overview of the session slide' thus the content of the session proper is not impacted).

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