6 June 2018: e-Assessment Awards - winners panel review (eAA UK)

Panel Chair: Patrick Craven, Vice Chair, e-Assessment Association, UK.

This was a joint webinar organised with the e-Assessment Association for the 2018 e-Assessment Awards.

This 1 hour session featured presentations from selected award winners from the 2018 e-Assessment Awards . The winners were announced 18 April 2018 at the gala dinner, London, UK.

Each presenter contributed a short overview of their innovation, project, product or program followed by questions.

Panel Presenters:-

Patrick Craven, e-Assessment Association, will chair the panel and give an outline introduction to the Association and the international e-Assessment Awards programme.

  1. Gareth Hegarty, International Baccalaureate, "Delivering high stakes e-assessment at scale across four subject areas and a unique examination testing interdisciplinary skills"
  2. Captain John Lloyd, RD, MBA, FNI, The Nautical Institute, "Robust and repeatable e-assessment across 92 testing centres, in 30 countries, controlled from headquarters in London"
  3. Professor Graham Orpwood, Vretta Inc. "Personalized, interactive e-assessments in numeracy with immediate diagnostic feedback, developed in collaboration with colleges in Ontario, Canada".

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