6 May 2015: Development of 4D farms to improve student learning and safety

Presenter: Dr Stuart Barber (University of Melbourne, Australia)

Hosted by Dr Mathew Hillier, University of Queensland, Australia starting 07:00AM UTC/GMT. Duration 43 Minutes.

Recent significant changes in veterinary student demographics, access to animal enterprises, biosecurity and environmental health and safety regulations has resulted in significant shifts in delivering veterinary and agricultural education in animal management and production.

In this session Stuart explored examples of how we can improve veterinary and agricultural student learning and safety on farms through the use of novel 4D on-line farms. Working collaboratively, with funding from the Australian Government Office of Learning and Teaching, eleven high-resolution, panoramic four-dimensional (4D) virtual farms from across Australasia were developed. The fourth dimension of time is used to demonstrate changes over four seasons that includes time series data on rainfall at each location. These 4D farms and associated learning resources will support student learning before, during and after student visits to properties. This presentation provided an overview of the material, its current and potential use within veterinary and agricultural curricula including its use in student assessment. The approaches and technology used to develop the virtual environments are relevant to any educational programs that make use of site visits or field trips.

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