7 June 2017: MapMyProgramme – Developing the holistic student assessment experience

Presenter: Mark Kerrigan (Anglia Ruskin University, UK)

This session explored the use of the 'Map my programme' tool as a means of developing more holistic assessment.

Assessment is a core activity of Higher Education and is a significant focus of staff and student activity. An essential element of effective curriculum design is the staff and student experience of holistic assessment and how assessment activity and feedback flows between individual elements. Faced with this challenge, in 2012 the 'Map my programme' tool was developed as a means of developing holistic assessment. The 'Map My programme' tool employs a set of free Google apps to display graphically, and in real-time, assessment modalities, weighting and submission dates for each module within a programme. Importantly, this visualisation highlights the effect that assessment has on the student learning journey as well as the marking load for the academic staff. The tool was highly commended by Google and the Association for Learning Technology in 2012.

The collaborative nature of the 'Map My Programme' tool promotes team engagement and reflection on curriculum design, whereby decisions can be seen and modified to support a positive staff and student assessment experience. Importantly, the tool is a touchstone for academic dialogue to better enhance the holistic assessment experience feeding into the wider HE agenda. It is hoped that by illuminating the nature of the complex relationships between students and teachers we can generate new understandings useful for future discussions of academic writing and assessment processes.

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