9 December 2015: Providing meaningful learning analytics data to teachers: a tool to complete the loop

Presenters: Professor Gregor Kennedy, Dr Linda Corrin and Ms Paula De Barba (University of Melbourne)

Hosted by Professor Geoffrey Crisp, Dean Learning and Teaching, RMIT University and Dr Mathew Hillier, Monash University, Australia. starting 07:00AM UTC/GMT. Duration 51 Minutes.

This session explored an open source web-based learning analytics tool (Loop) that uses data from learning management systems to provide meaningful feedback to teachers. The Loop tool is designed to help academics make the connection between data and curriculum, including student engagement and performance in formative and summative assessment. By encouraging the use of learning design as a lens for data interpretation, the tool will enable teachers to more easily identify and implement changes to their teaching practices and curriculum design. The Loop tool is the result of a collaboration between the University of Melbourne, Macquarie University and the University of South Australia, funded by the Australian Government Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT).

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