9 September 2015: What can we do with assessment analytics?

Presenters: A/Prof. Cath Ellis (University of New South Wales, Australia) and Dr. Rachel Forsyth (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)

Hosted by Professor Geoffrey Crisp, Dean Learning and Teaching, RMIT University and Dr Mathew Hillier, Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation, University of Queensland, Australia. starting 07:00AM UTC/GMT. Duration 1 hour.

This session explored issues around the use of assessment analytics data. It explored questions such as: Just because we have the data, does that mean that we can do anything useful with it? Is there value in collecting data about assessments, and can it be used to improve staff and student experiences of assessment or, assessment outcomes? This session presented some examples of using assessment data for student feedback, quality enhancement and course development in higher education. The session aimed to open a discussion of the possible limitations and risks around the use of analytics tools and techniques.

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