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8 June 2010: Assessment of capstone courses

Margot McNeill (Macquarie University, Australia) explored two case studies of capstone courses at Macquarie University, Australia which used a range of technologies to support and assess complex learning in different domains.

26 May 2010: Assessing students' Web 2.0 activities

Dr Kathleen Gray and Dr Jenny Waycott (University of Melbourne, Australia) presented a webinar looking at the findings from an Australian Learning and Teaching Council project into assessment practices surrounding student Web 2.0 activities across a range of disciplines.

12 May 2010: Why should we change assessment because of Web 2.0?

Professor Geoffrey Crisp (University of Adelaide, Australia) presented a webinar on the changes in the student learning environment afforded by Web 2.0 and leads a discussion on why assessment practices need to change in response to these new learning environments.