Request Add New Domain

Follow the instructions below in order to request a new domain to be added to the list of authorised domains.

This will allow others from your educational institution or organisation to apply directly for full member access (this is free).

  1. First [register] an account using your educational institution/organisation email address. You will be asked to confirm your email address is valid by clicking a link sent to you.
  2. Then [login] to this site.
  3. Then, use the [contact form] to make a request.
  4. Set the subject to "TA-ADD-NEW-DOMAIN"
  5. Select "New Domain Application" from the category dropdown menu.
  6. In the message please provide a justification and enough details so that we can identify you and your organisation. It is a good idea to provide the name of your educational institution/organisation as applicable, and/or links to a profile/staff page.
    If your request is approved we will also upgrade your account to full member status.
    (Please note: we will NOT add public ISPs or free web email service domains such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail, outlook, to the permitted domain list).

We apologise for this extra level of complexity but this is unfortunately now necessary to keep spammers and other such dishonest people out of our systems.