Second Life

Note: The Second Life island is currently offline until further notice [Feb 2015] - likly indefinatly.

Our Transforming Assessment YouTube channel houses a number of videos made on our island.

Second Life is completely user-generated 3D environment that comes with relatively easy-to-use building and scripting tools that anyone can learn. This makes it an ideal platform for engaging students in creating their own learning activities, experiences and environments, and not just be passive consumers of learning.

We had developed an island in Second Life to showcase examples of e-assessment in this virtual world.

Transforming Assessment island in Second life

You will need a free account on second life and to install the Second Life viewer software to access the Second Life system. See the Second Life website for further information.

The SURL to the Transforming Assessment island was (no longer active):

Note: You were able to visit the welcome area of this island freely however to gain access to the assessment example areas on the Transforming Assessment island you needed to be a member of our Second Life group.


Interactive chemistry example on the Transforming Assessment island in Second life

A short introduction to Second Life:

Video by COFA at the University of New South Wales.