Webinar Recordings

4 September 2019: Continuous assessment, feedback loops and analytics

Presenters: Ole Eggers Bjælde (Science and Technology Learning Lab & Department of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus University, Denmark) and Annika Büchert Lindberg (Science and Technology Learning Lab, Aarhus University, Denmark).

7 August 2019: A shift from discouraging academic dishonesty to authentic assessment

Presenter: Carol Miles (The University of Newcastle, Australia) and Keith Foggett (The University of Newcastle, Australia)

11 July 2018: Transforming Feedback (AHE 2018 Panel review)

Panel Chair - Prof Sally Jordan (Open university, UK)

This was a joint webinar organised with the Assessment in Higher Education conference secretariat.

6 June 2018: e-Assessment Awards - winners panel review (eAA UK)

Panel Chair: Patrick Craven, Vice Chair, e-Assessment Association, UK.

This was a joint webinar organised with the e-Assessment Association for the 2018 e-Assessment Awards.


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