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A joint session with Assessment in Higher Education Network (UK) and Transforming Assessment featuring selected presentations from the Assessment in Higher Education Conference (UK) 2023.

Session chair: James Wood (University of Bangor, UK)


1) The Importance of the Relational and Affective Domains in Feedback – Developing Staff & Student Feedback Literacy.

Edd Pitt (University of Kent, United Kingdom). [Summary and Bio]

Understanding the relational and affective domains within the feedback process is an important part of both teacher and student feedback literacy development. Exploring the dynamics of feedback through the lens of teachers and students experiences of giving and receiving feedback uncovers the important role that emotions play. A greater awareness of emotional literacy development could improve staff and students’ feedback literacy and working relationships. Findings from a research study with higher education practitioners will be discussed and implications for practice explored.

2) What's the point of assessment? Implementing university-wide student-focused competence-based assessment literacy.

Andrew Holmes and Dominic Henri (University of Hull, United Kingdom).

The university of Hull is one of the UK’s first institutions to move away from learning outcomes and instead introduce an inclusive-education competence-based framework for all programmes from 2020-2023 (See competence-based HE [PDF] and inclusive education framework [PDF]). Included in the competence-based framework is an increased emphasis on formative assessment at programme and module level (Irons & Elkington, 2022), decolonising the curriculum (Nieminen, 2022) and removing bias through addressing the hidden curriculum (Joughin, 2010). In 2022 two staff, Andrew Holmes and Dom Henri were appointed as Senior Fellows of the Hull’s Teaching Excellence Academy, with a remit to operationalize (embed) assessment literacy processes and practices (Carless & Boud, 2018, Carless & Winstone, 2020, Malecka, Boud & Carless, 2020). This has involved designing and implementing competence-based assessment literacy and feedback literacy resources for staff and students, including: staff and student workshops, digitally badged student assessment literacy development online resources, an emerging programme-level assessment literacy ‘audit tool’, implementing increased use of formative and summative rubrics, the design and development of competence-based assessment rubrics (Jonssson, 2014) and curriculum design, aligning assessment with long-term learning (Boud & Falchikov, 20006) and providing staff support workshops we label as ‘assessment therapy’. Our presentation will report on progress to date, the challenges we have overcome.  [See orginal abstract for references]


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