6 November 2019: TeSLA: multifactor verification for online assessment

Presenters: Chris Edwards (The Open University, UK)

This session looked at the TeSLA project. A large, European Union funded project to develop a suite of embedded e-authentication tools for online assessment. The session explored what occured during the project,m findings and what was learned.

About TeSLA: With teaching and learning increasingly being delivered online, there is a growing need for robust and trustworthy online assessments. For this reason the EU H2020-funded TeSLA project was undertaken. The project aimed to develop an e-assessment authentication system to help ensure that learners in online assessments are who they say they are. TeSLA developed a suite of tools to automatically and robustly authenticate student authorship in high-stakes e-assessments.

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Session Recording

View: Session recording in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra version (includes slides, audio and audience text chat).

View: YouTube slides and audio (no text chat).