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15 July 2020: AHE conference panel - looking to 2021

Presenter / Session Chair: Fabio R Aricò (University of East Anglia, UK).

A joint Assessment in Higher Education conference (UK) and Transforming Assessment webinar panel session.

3 June 2020: e-Assessment Awards - Selected finalists showcase

Session Chair: Martha Gibson (Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University).

e-Assessment Awards - A joint eAssessment Association and Transforming Assessment session.

4 September 2019: Continuous assessment, feedback loops and analytics

Presenters: Ole Eggers Bjælde (Science and Technology Learning Lab & Department of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus University, Denmark) and Annika Büchert Lindberg (Science and Technology Learning Lab, Aarhus University, Denmark).

7 August 2019: A shift from discouraging academic dishonesty to authentic assessment

Presenter: Carol Miles (The University of Newcastle, Australia) and Keith Foggett (The University of Newcastle, Australia)

17 July 2019: Making technology enhancement effective: what works? (Assessment in Higher Education - post conference panel session)

[updated 17 Sept 2019] Note: Due to a technical problem the original recording is not available. We re-recorded the presentations on 17 Sept and this now available.

This was a joint webinar organised with the Assessment in Higher Education conference secretariat.

e-Exam Symposium 2018: Running e-Exams on-campus and at a distance (session 7)

e-Exam Symposium 24 Nov 2018: Session 7

Presenters: Dr Andrew Fluck (University of Tasmania) and Dr Mathew Hillier (Monash University).

e-Exam Symposium 2018: e-Exams Security and Integrity (session 6)

e-Exam Symposium 24 Nov 2018: Session 6

Presenters: Dr Mike Cowling and Mr Ken Howah (Central Queensland University)

This session discusses the implications for e-exam security and integrity from in terms of an experience with multi-site offline e-exam trials.