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27 October 2010: Assessment of game-based learning

Dr Nicola Whitton (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)

Nicola explores possible roles for game based learning in education and issues of developing appropriate assessment for and in conjunction with games in teaching situations.

12 October 2010: Assessing learning through role-based eLearning

Dr Elyssebeth Leigh (University of Technology Sydney, Australia) and 
Elizabeth Rosser (University of New South Wales, Australia)

18 August 2010: e-Marking tools and processes

Dr Peter Evans (University of Southern Queensland) and developer of the "eMarking Assistant"

4 August 2010: Augmented Reality: Seeing Learning Through a New Light

Professor Bruce Thomas (Wearable Computer Lab, University of South Australia, Australia), the developer of first outdoor mobile AR game 'ARQuake', explored how augmented reality is and can impact on the learning process. Examples were be given to demonstrate the concept.

23 June 2010: Assessment of Online Discussions - A review of rubrics

Bobby Elliot (Scottish Qualifications Authority) explored the assessment of online writing in general and the assessment of online discussions in particular.

8 June 2010: Assessment of capstone courses

Margot McNeill (Macquarie University, Australia) explored two case studies of capstone courses at Macquarie University, Australia which used a range of technologies to support and assess complex learning in different domains.

26 May 2010: Assessing students' Web 2.0 activities

Dr Kathleen Gray and Dr Jenny Waycott (University of Melbourne, Australia) presented a webinar looking at the findings from an Australian Learning and Teaching Council project into assessment practices surrounding student Web 2.0 activities across a range of disciplines.

12 May 2010: Why should we change assessment because of Web 2.0?

Professor Geoffrey Crisp (University of Adelaide, Australia) presented a webinar on the changes in the student learning environment afforded by Web 2.0 and leads a discussion on why assessment practices need to change in response to these new learning environments.