Webinar Recordings

10 July 2024: International eAssessment Awards: Selected Winners Showcase

A joint session with the eAssessment Association and Transforming Assessment.

Session chair: Priya Dutta (Board member, e-Assessment Association, UK)

5 June 2024: Gen AI in Assessment: Deepfakes and Synthetic Media

Mike Perkins (British University Vietnam, Vietnam) and Jasper Roe (James Cook University Singapore, Singapore)

10 April 2024: Frenemies - ChatGPT within Assessments

Presenter: Matthew Wysel (University of New England, Australia)

Title: Frenemies - ChatGPT within Assessments

6 March 2024: The Shape of Cheating to Come

Presenters: Shaun Lehmann and Kane Murdoch, Macquarie University, Australia

Title: The Shape of Cheating to Come


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