17 November 2010: Mobile eLearning - mLearning for language enhancement

Associate Professor David Kennedy (Lingnan University, Hong Kong, China)

This session looked at learning activities that can be conducted via mobile devices (mobile phones, ipads etc) with a particular focus on second language learning courses, the role such devices can play in an overall course design and the challenges faced when implementing mobile learning projects.

Numerous studies argue that students and learn languages more effectively using mobile tools, but there is little empirical evidence in Hong Kong that such devices can be effective, in spite of the 184% mobile ownership, and over 9000 free wireless outlets for university students across the territory. This study approached the task using a multi-faceted approach. Initially a second year language course with learning outcomes that focused on the ability of students to present in English (their second or even third language) was examined, and changes to the curriculum were made to better support a greater range of learning outcomes, and more explicit evidence of actual competencies. Students were provided with the latest iPhones, and qualitative and quantitative data was generated.

The data from this study was presented in the seminar, along with the key theoretical framework that has guided the process. The preliminary evidence thus far indicates that there is still a great deal of work to move the student-use of mobile tools from consumers of content to producers of content, that is then critically analysed and reflected upon.

This event was hosted by University of Adelaide, Australia and started at 4.30pm (GMT +10.30) [duration: 1 hour, 12 minutes - includes post presentation discussion].

You Tube version (Flash video)

A screen cast of the session in 6 parts. 

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