4 May 2011: Introducing the Bridge Support Framework for supporting online assessment

Presenter: Janet Buchan (Charles Sturt University, Australia) 

This session explores the Bridge Support Framework which involves putting procedures in place for the running of formative and summative online quizzes.
Management of the online assessment experience necessitates a coordinated approach involving faculty, students, learning and teaching support services, information technology services and university policy makers. The Bridge Support Framework for online assessment is presented here as a practical tool for managing the variety of issues that can impact on the smooth running of online assessment activities. It can also be used at a variety of levels - from lecturers working at the grassroots level to institutional management - as an evaluation and review tool to inform improvements to the support of online assessment.

Hosted by Professor Geoffrey Crisp, RMIT University, Australia starting at 16.30 (Time zone = GMT+9.30)

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The archive is 1 hour, 16 min duration (including post session discussion).

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A screen cast of the session.

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