1 April 2020: Personalised Tasks and Anonymous Peer Grading

Presenter: Mathias Magdowski (Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany)

Ideally we should be able to provide a personalised task for every student in an engineering exercise or seminar. This would reduce the risk of copying and plagiarism, but is the effort too high for the lecturer? This session explores how digital tools can help to solve these problems and how students can effectively assess each other's work. Each student receives their own assignment by email, is able to work through it it without time pressure and then submit it via our learning management system Moodle for assessment. In order to reduce marking load of teachers, the students then assess each other using a sample solution, which is also personalised. The assessment process is automated and therefore easily scalable. In contrast to simple multiple choice or numerical response questions, the calculation method and approach can also be evaluated. Examples are provided from STEM disciplines.

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