5 October 2022: Using individualised assessments to counter contract cheating

Presenters: Ulrich Speidel and Sathiamoorthy Manoharan [Mano] (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

Online contract cheating renders many conventional assessments meaningless. However, individualised exams and assignments are an effective tool in supporting academic integrity. With Dividni this is easier to implement than you may think. We show you how.

The session briefly outlined our experience with the impact of cheating in computer science assessments, growing class sizes and limited marking resources on assessment integrity. This promoted the development of Dividni which has assisted with cleaning up assessments and in supporting invigilation. The session included examples of successful cheating prosecution in exams and in assignments, along with the lessons learnt from the process.

Dividni and the Dividni.online interface can be used by anyone to author individualised MCQ, short text answer and numerical question banks for exams and to create individualised assignments. Output is available in the Qti format that can be imported into many LMS platforms such as Canvas or Inspera. Dividni is not restricted to STEM subjects - it can be used in any subject that makes use of MCQ and short answer assessment formats, or where assignments use lecturer-supplied parameters that can include words, phrases or numbers.

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